Thursday, March 15, 2018

Joni's Quarter Square Lattice quilt

Let’s just take a moment to talk about what a meticulous quilter Joni is. Every. Single. Point. in this quilt was PERFECT! The lattice strips were a narrow 1/2”, which is tricky, because it becomes obvious is it’s not all the exact same width for the entire length. And let me tell you, it was absolutely perfect! 

There were lots of different color hues and values, making this quilt top moderately busy, so we decided to give it an edge-to-edge treatment of dancing paisleys. Joni brings double batts for every quilt she lets me quilt. And she uses heavy starch as she presses the fabric while piecing - and sometimes she even uses TWO layers of fabric for her quilt tops! This all adds up to a deliciously HEAVY quilt. This will be one to grab on a cold winter night, that’s for sure. We're supposed to get "record snowfall" today, so I'd say Joni's got her perfect winter equation!

Rita’s Rail Fence

This quilt is a traditional rail fence design, with blocks designed in a chevron pattern. The color choices create a lovely sense of movement. Rita asked for a simple stippling treatment, which is one of my good ol' favorites!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Janice's Irish Chain

This lovely color-wash Irish Chain quilt came to me from a new client, Janice. With all the busy prints in this pattern, it begged for a nice edge-to-edge quilting pattern, to just wash over the piece. A blend of swirls and leaves, my version of rosebuds, was just the ticket. Great job, Janice!

"Pouring My Heart Out"

This is an example piece for the Beginner Applique class at Rumpled Quilt Skins in Okotoks, AB. It showcases the embroidery stitches, skills, and techniques learned in this class. It’s so cute!

I echoed around all that yummy embroidery and appliqué, and, with two layers of batting, they really popped out nicely! I filled the background space with a grid-on-point pattern - applying serpentine to every other square in the grid. In the inner border, I quilting alternating hearts to quilt with the hearty theme of this piece. Taking a note from the shapes in the blue embroidery at the top of the piece, I felt inspired to quilt feathers in the outer border. Too cute!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Danna's Bambi

This is the fourth "Bambi" quilt I've gotten to work on. Here's the first from Robyn. Here's the second from Linda. Here's the third from Lorna. I have loved working on each one, and I think the owners of these quilts are amazing for letting me have my way with them. That's right - all four of these ladies told me to do whatever I wanted, with no requests or demands of any kind. To put that much work (not to mention MONEY!) into something and then just trust someone else to bring it home to the finish line. What if they hated what I did for the quilting?! Thanks, ladies, for your trust and sporting spirits!

For Danna's, I wanted to use a feather theme, much like Lorna's before her. This quilt actually features feathers in three different formats - undulating feathers in the borders, feather wreaths in the four corners of the large diamond, and meandering feathers in the center blocks. I love how it turned out!

And don't forget to notice the "Effortless Binding" on this quilt. Danna brought me excess fabric (in yardage format), and I cut, assembled, pressed, attached, and finished the binding. When she got the quilt back, it was completely ready to use!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sea Turtles

Check it this TOO-CUTE little number! Hello, little sea turtles! This appliqué was executed so beautifully. With a double-layer of Hobbs 80/20, I was eager to outline around the sea turtles, and then fill densely around them using a wave design, per Jane’s request (which was right on point). The sea turtles hop right up off the surface of this quilt! I did a coordinating (but orderly) wave design in the border. So adorable!

Barb's Labyrinth

This is the second labyrinth quilt I've gotten to work on. The reason this quilt pattern is so effective is the differences in color values in the fabric. It makes the "maze" of this labyrinth appear to pop off the surface. So to go with that idea, I quilted different textures into the various color values. No quilting at all on the white, which serves as the top of the 3D maze. Not-so-dense stippling on the light grey areas, which serve as the walls that face the viewer of this maze. And more dense serpentine on the darker grey areas, which are the walls of the maze that face to the side of the field of view. In the outer border, I quilted a maze of its own, with interlocking squares and rectangles.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Elenora’s Interstellar quilt

What great color combos in this piece! The bright white sashing makes the colors in the printed fabrics so vibrant! They had a cool starry theme in the prints that had me feeling interstellar. I applied a loopy pattern throughout, in a sparse density to maintain the cuddliness of this quilt.