Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Quilt for Mama

My client, Danna, gave me this quilt top "for mama" - which I found completely adorable. I love hearing people's terms of endearment for various family members. I've lived in several regions of the USA and now Canada, and I've heard some humdingers! Nanna and pappaw, gram and gramps, meemaw and peepaw, momma and daddy, mudge and pops, mother and daddy, goo and pap, and on and on!

This is a lovely star-themed quilt, featuring complex stars in several color ways. The first thing I noticed was the paisley-printed fabric in the setting triangles around the sides. I knew immediately that I would choose paisley as my edge-to-edge treatment for this quilt (Danna told me to do whatever I wanted). This quilt was a DREAM to work on. It was perfect flat and straight and square. A DREAM!

I also loved applying my "Effortless Binding" to this piece. I have SO much fun doing binding this way! I have a special tool that fits onto my Janome sewing machine, and it allows me to roll and attach the binding (both front and back) in one step. See more info at the bottom of my "Services" page.

Heather's Nephew's quilt

Here's a very masculine quilt - which is good for a nephew! I'm always trying to find ways to make quilts look more masculine. My wheelhouse includes so many flowy, feminine shapes. It's just the way my brain works. But this edge-to-edge series of interlocking squares and rectangles accomplishes the desired effect, I think! Great gift, Aunt Heather!

Two Quilts From Trish

Two little cutie quilts from my client and quilty friend, Trish. I tell you, her taste is IMPECCABLE! Every single project that Trish brings me, I just fall in love with. She asked for straight-line quilting or something very simple, edge-to-edge on these two pieces. They are actually the same pattern, with different color schemes. I went with her suggestion of straight lines on the teal and white one. So fresh and clean! And for the multi-colored one, the floral prints just ASKED me to put something flowy and flirty on this piece. I love them both!

Carol's "My Heart Will Go On"

This is a lovely quilt pattern - and I think it's the third one I've gotten to work on! This one came from Carol, who will be giving it as a gift. I love the color scheme - and so do my daughters (Hoxie and Cord) who love purple and teal!

Undulating feathers in the purple border. Pebbles and hearts in the two thinner borders. Meandering hearts and loops in the interior of the quilt. Great job, Carol!

Christine's family quilt for Gpa

This was a joint family effort for a quilty friend of mine. Christine did the actual construction of the quilt top, but her kids were the ones that picked the quilting motif. When they came to my studio to drop off this lovely quilt top, they picked out "pebbles" from my book of quilt samples.

This will be a gift for Christine's grandpa. So, in the mind frame of cuddliness, I applied very large pebbles to the piece. If they were too small, the quilt would have been too stiff. But as is, it should be warm and soft - not to mention beautiful! Christine, you're a good granddaughter!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lavonne's Red, Black, and White quilt

Here's a quilt from Lavonne, and it is FULL of really yummy fabrics in really bold colors and patterns. I love the POP of red in the two thin borders. It really gives this otherwise pretty-subtle quilt a lot of interest. Lavonne told me to do whatever I wanted for quilting. I knew right away that I was going to do an edge-to-edge quilting treatment, and I decided to use my most economical offering, simple stippling. There was no point in investing my time (or Lavonne's money!) in anything much more ornate, because it just doesn't show up. Stippling is attractive and effective, and it got this quilt off my frame and back in Lavonne's hands in time to get bound and given as a thoughtful and beautiful Christmas gift. Great job, Lavonne!

Leigh's Pretty Purple quilt

Here's a pretty lap quilt with various shades of purple and cream, from my client, Leigh. I love the femininity and ethereal quality of this piece. Leigh picked a flowy mix of leaves, swirls, and paisley as an edge-to-edge design. Another gorgeous Christmas gift is on its way to a lucky recipient!

Pair of Grandchild quilts

Here are two sweet quilts from my client, Sandra. They are the exact same pattern, just made in a different color ways. I applied the same quilting motif to both pieces, a flowy swirly edge-to-edge pattern. I think they will be great Christmas gifts for two grandkids!

Bev's Repro Quilt

Okay, so, I think I can safely say that this is the most UNUSUAL quilt I've ever gotten to work on. Never in all my memory can I remember even seeing a quilt with a double-helix (DNA) or a fetus in utero. This one should get some kind of award!

It came from my quilty friend, Bev. I asked her to type up a little info with the story behind it. She shares...
"The quilt top was in the back of my cousin's closet for 40 years. It was made by their UBC (Univ. of British Columbia) friends when they were going to university in the '70s and residing at Reagent College. They were engaged, soon to be married, and part of their church's marriage enrichment group. Anne graduated from medicine, and John with a forestry engineering degree. I accepted the challenge to finish the quilt as a surprise Christmas present to Anne from John, knowing that you could perform your custom quilting magic."

I wish you viewers could get a look at these quilt blocks up close and in person. It's all hand-work. Hand-appliqued, hand-embroidered, hand-painted, hand-dyed. There are wools and felts and wonderful details. I wish I could be there to see Anne's face when John gives it to her!