Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lavonne's Red, Black, and White quilt

Here's a quilt from Lavonne, and it is FULL of really yummy fabrics in really bold colors and patterns. I love the POP of red in the two thin borders. It really gives this otherwise pretty-subtle quilt a lot of interest. Lavonne told me to do whatever I wanted for quilting. I knew right away that I was going to do an edge-to-edge quilting treatment, and I decided to use my most economical offering, simple stippling. There was no point in investing my time (or Lavonne's money!) in anything much more ornate, because it just doesn't show up. Stippling is attractive and effective, and it got this quilt off my frame and back in Lavonne's hands in time to get bound and given as a thoughtful and beautiful Christmas gift. Great job, Lavonne!

Leigh's Pretty Purple quilt

Here's a pretty lap quilt with various shades of purple and cream, from my client, Leigh. I love the femininity and ethereal quality of this piece. Leigh picked a flowy mix of leaves, swirls, and paisley as an edge-to-edge design. Another gorgeous Christmas gift is on its way to a lucky recipient!

Pair of Grandchild quilts

Here are two sweet quilts from my client, Sandra. They are the exact same pattern, just made in a different color ways. I applied the same quilting motif to both pieces, a flowy swirly edge-to-edge pattern. I think they will be great Christmas gifts for two grandkids!

Bev's Repro Quilt

Okay, so, I think I can safely say that this is the most UNUSUAL quilt I've ever gotten to work on. Never in all my memory can I remember even seeing a quilt with a double-helix (DNA) or a fetus in utero. This one should get some kind of award!

It came from my quilty friend, Bev. I asked her to type up a little info with the story behind it. She shares...
"The quilt top was in the back of my cousin's closet for 40 years. It was made by their UBC (Univ. of British Columbia) friends when they were going to university in the '70s and residing at Reagent College. They were engaged, soon to be married, and part of their church's marriage enrichment group. Anne graduated from medicine, and John with a forestry engineering degree. I accepted the challenge to finish the quilt as a surprise Christmas present to Anne from John, knowing that you could perform your custom quilting magic."

I wish you viewers could get a look at these quilt blocks up close and in person. It's all hand-work. Hand-appliqued, hand-embroidered, hand-painted, hand-dyed. There are wools and felts and wonderful details. I wish I could be there to see Anne's face when John gives it to her!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Carol Anne's Christmas quilt

Here's the sister-quilt to the one I blogged about last time. This one came from Carol Anne. She and her friend, Kathy, each pieced the same pattern, with a different fabric selection.

Carol Anne's (below) had some pretty bold prints in the interior part of the quilt. I didn't feel that the large-scale, high-contrast fabrics in the middle would really allow the quilting to show up well, so I didn't take a lot of time quilting anything too intricate in it. Just edge-to-edge swirls in the center part. Then half-feather wreaths in the tan setting-triangles. Holly leaves and berries in the thin red border and more swirls in the green outer border.

I love the way each of these two quilts turned out, and I love imagining these two friends working on them together. Quilting is such a good activity for kindred spirits!

Kathy's Christmas quilt

Here's another quilt from Kathy. It was a pattern she sewed side-by-side with her friend, Carol Anne. Click on the following link to see Carol Anne's rendition of this pattern!

This color scheme is beautiful and classic. A subtle nod to the coming holiday season, but not overt or in-your-face. Kathy wanted some light custom-quilting, so that it would be beautiful and special for Christmas but still cuddly. I used undulating feathers in the outer border. Dot-to-dot quilting in the green setting-triangles. Large/wide serpentine in the yellow. One-sided feathers in the black. And continuous curve in the cream center block.

Merry Christmas!

Double-Sided Girly quilt

Here's a quilt from my client, Kathy, and it will be given to her granddaughter. I'm told the granddaughter currently is quite a little girl. Which will probably mean that she likes the BACK side of this quilt right now. It's cuddly, fleecy fabric, printed with balloons and teddy bears. But as she grows older, I bet she'll come to prefer the elegant FRONT side of this quilt. Its dainty florals and feminine colors will be appropriate long after Little Darling has outgrown teddy bears. And she'll always be able to wrap herself in Gma's gift!

Brenda's Labyrinth Walk quilt

Here's a quilt from my long-time client, Brenda. She made it for her uncle, and she didn't want the quilting to be too flowery and flowy - in other words, not too girly.

This time I elected to go with stippling. I felt like it was a stitch pattern that would not upstage or distract from the pieced pattern. It will just kinda recede from your eye. The real star of this piece is the amazing 3D effect of the pattern! The labyrinth is sure eye-catching. It appears to jump right off the quilt!